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Claire Gadsby - Powerful Pedagogies 

Low prep but high impact ways to turn up the learning temperature in your classroom!

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Research suggests that the average teacher will deliver 21,500 lessons during their career. Drawing on proven pedagogical approaches from around the world,  this highly interactive course will top-up your teaching toolkit with a range of low preparation but very high impact strategies.

Hone your ‘responsive teacher skills’ in order to change the learning dynamics at a moment’s notice simply by selecting one of the top “power pedagogies”.

Make learning more fun – not just for your pupils, but for yourself too!


We are offering all three of Claire's courses for the price of two. Yes .... 3 for 2 !
The same person does not need to attend each session; it can be three different people if you wish. If you wish to book all three sessions 
please select 3=2 offer on the booking form and save £135 !

Tok Place On: Tuesday 13th March

Venue: Hampton Hargate Primary School, Hargate Way, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough. PE7 8BZ

Registration: 9.00 - 9.15

Course ends: 4.00pm

Cost: £135 each course OR book all three courses for the price of 2 (saving £135)

FREE lunch is provided.

Parking is available. 

About Claire Gadsby

Claire Gadsby
Claire Gadsby is a leading educational consultant, trainer and author with a wealth of experience in school improvement and motivation strategies.

Providing cutting edge consultancy and training services to schools, colleges, universities and corporate clients, Claire also works directly with learners and their parents.

Recent Publications

Claire’s new book “The Perfect Assessment for Learning” is available now and published by Crown House Publishing. The book has received a great response from teachers in the UK, and is now due to be published overseas. The book is available from all good retailers.

What makes Claire different?

Moving teachers from “inspiration to implementation”; teachers are busy people and need concrete, practical strategies and resources that they can use immediately to enhance learning and Claire prides herself on being able to provide such ‘low prep but high impact’ approaches. Too many training sessions generate enthusiastic responses from staff which are not then translated into changes to classroom practice; however, Claire offers a range of post-inset support packages which ensure that her training has maximum impact.

Did you know …

The average lesson in the UK is made up of approximately 70% teacher talk and, as the saying goes, ‘classrooms are the places where pupils go to watch teachers working hard!’ Claire can show you how to re-address the balance and make sure that lessons are not only inspiring but that teachers really are working smarter not harder ….