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Paragon Alliance

Paragon Alliance


Claire Gadsby
Demonstrating Pupil Progress

Open to Teachers, NQTs/NQTs +1

SESSION 1:  21st Century 'progress' and 'singing your progress song'!

  • What do we mean by appropriate progress?
  • Building classroom cultures and ethos to support palpable progress
  • Exploiting the untapped potential of your learning environments to first stimulate and then showcase pupil progress

SESSION 2:  The Big 5 principles underpinning progress for all

  • Planning for progress:  Don't be a self-sabotaging teacher!
  • The role of lesson objectives and success criteria in supporting progress
  • Oracy and pupil voice:  Getting more from what we do
  • Activating learners as owners of their own learning and as resources for each other

SESSION 3:  Minimally invasive markings© and best practice in feedback

  • Explore how teachers can create amazingly dialogic feedback, and pupil responses, by not writing a word!



DATE:  Tuesday 3rd December 2019
TIME:  9.30am ~ 3.00pm
COST:  £130.00
VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School, Hargate Way, Peterborough.  PE7 8BZ