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Paragon Alliance

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Inspired to Lead (2 part programme):  TT Education


Delivered by TT Education

Inspired To Lead is an extensive two-day programme that will equip you to lead effectively and bring about sustained, transformational change. You will consider how to overcome the barriers to leading a successful school and how to develop leadership at every level.

The programme runs over two non-consecutive days. This allows time to apply the new
ideas from the course in your own school and bring your experiences to the second

  • Explore effective ways to bring about positive change and overcome the barriers to leading a  successful school 
  • Consider how to ensure others work for and with you to achieve your vision by creating a team that it positive and empowered
  • Discover your natural leadership style and explore how to adapt and communicate effectively in different situations
  • Consider how best to delegate leadership throughout your team and build your leadership capacity and vision

Wednesday 14th October 2020  -  9.30am-3.00pm  VENUE:  ONLINE
Wednesday 9th December 2020  -  9.30am-3.00pm  VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ

COST:  £299.00

VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ


NASENCo (National Award for SEN Coordination) (6 part programme):  Best Practice Network

Delivered by Best Practice Network

Paragon TSA has recently partnered with Best Practice Network.  This new partnership is offering teachers the opportunity to further their career by gaining the NASENCo (National Award for SEN Coordination) qualification.

The National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) is a statutory requirement for all SENCOs appointed new to the role, and an excellent opportunity for professional development for current and aspiring SENCOs.  Our NASENCO programme incorporates the award of a Postgraduate Certificate in SEN Coordination, validated by Bath Spa University (BSU) as part of their Professional Master’s Programme, worth the first 60 credits towards a Master’s (MA) degree. 


  • An excellent opportunity for CPD and aspiring SENCos
  • Provides an opportunity to reflect upon and improve your own practice
  • Learn about the coordination of SEND, policy and supporting the needs of a pupil
  • Incorporates a Postgraduate Certificate in SEND Coordination, validated by Baths Spa University and is worth 60 first credits towards an MA
  • Flexible, work-based practical programme


  • DfE requires schools to ensure that SENCos new to the role gain the NASENCo qualification within three years of appointment
  • Only QTS, QTLS, Heads or Acting Headteachers are eligible to undertake the programme
  • Staff with Early Years Initial Teacher Status are also eligible but this is only valid in the 0 - 5 age range
  • The NASENCo programme is available to aspiring SENCos with the support of the school and designated SENCo.

Thursday 15th October 2020  -  9.30am-3.30pm
Thursday 19th November 2020  -  9.30am-3.30pm
Thursday 7th January 2021  -  9:30am-3.30pm
Thursday 18th March 2021  -  9:30am-3.30pm
Thursday 10th June 2021 -  9.3am-2.00pm
Thursday 16th September 2021 - 9.30am-2.00pm

COST:  £1980.00 + VAT

VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School, Hargate Way, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough.  PE7 8BZ

HLTA Status (2 part programme):  Best Practice Network


Delivered by Best Practice Network

Paragon TSA has recently partnered with Best Practice Network.  This new partnership is offering Teaching Assistants an opportunity to further their career by gaining the Higher Level Teaching Assistant qualification.

Gaining HLTA status is a recognised progression route for school support staff.  HLTAs work closely with teachers to raise standards and help each learner reach their potential.


  • A nationally recognised professional status.
  • Helping to develop confidence, self esteem and career progression.
  • Cost effective way for schools to grow their over cover for PPA etc.
  • Recognised by Ofsted as a valuable school resource. 

During the two day face-to-face meetings, Best Practice Network will guide you through preparing a portfolio of evidence.


  • Some experience of leading whole-class learning with no teacher present
  • Level 2 in Maths and English


Thursday 21st October 2020  -  9.15am-2.45pm
Thursday 3rd February 2021  -  9.15am-2.45pm


SPRING 1 23rd February 2021 30th March 2021  send email
SPRING 2 10th March 2021 5th May 2021 send email
SPRING 3 17th March 2021 12th May 2021 send email
SPRING 4 24th March 2021 19th May 2021 send email

COST:  £290.00 + VAT 
             plus additional £450.00 for final assessment


Please click the 'send an email' link to contact us for the booking code. 

Diploma for School Business Managers - ILM Level 4 (3 part progamme): 
Best Practice Network

Delivered by Best Practice Network

The Level 4 DSBM is part of a suite of school business management qualifications. The programme is designed for existing and aspiring school business managers who wish to enhance both their leadership, management and administrative skills together and their knowledge and understanding of key areas of school business management through a professional qualification.  It will equip senior administrators and new SBMs with the operational skills required to be an effective school business manager.

Throughout the programme you will:

  • manage resources within a school more efficiently, effectively and sensitively
  • develop an understanding of the purpose of business management in a school context
  • demonstrate leadership and management decision-making skills
  • evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of business management operations within a school
  • understand the nature of school business management
  • gain CPD against the ISBL professional standards

Closing date for the October cohort programme is 17th July 2020

Wednesday 21st October 2020  -  9.30am-3.00pm
Wednesday 3rd February 2021  -  9.30am-3.00pm
Wednesday 21st April 2021  -  9.30am-3.00pm

ONLINE-COST:  The full cost of the online-only programme including assessment and certification is:

  • The fee for the online model is £1,350 plus VAT, a reduction of £145 from the blended learning model.
  • Members of the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) are entitled to a 5% discount (ISBL membership number required).

Coaching for Primary Leaders:  TT Education

 Delivered by TT Education


Discover the full power of successful, effective coaching with this inspirational CPD course.  You will leave feeling knowledgeable and equipped with the core skills for creating a climate for coaching.

Successful schools embody a coaching climate and promote specialist and collaborative
coaching to support and challenge underperformance. This inspirational course gives clear and practical advice and ideas to make coaching work in your school. You will explore ways to use coaching in challenging underperformance and look at how to use a variety of different coaching models for different purposes.

  • Consider how to establish coaching practices and protocol in your school and the role of coaching in developing school leadership.
  • Look at how to focus coaching on improving the quality of teaching and learning.  
  • Consider how to use coaching to retain your staff and grow them as teachers and leaders.

DATE:  Wednesday 13th January 2021
TIME:  9.30 am - 3.00 pm
COST:  £132.50  half price (half price to schools in Peterborough and Paragon Executive Member schools)  Full price  £265.00
VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ


Mastery in Leadership and the New Ofsted Inspection Framework


We have partnered with TT Education to offer this bespoke one day CPD course, where
we will explore what mastery is and how you can apply this to being a leader. Discover
how you can hone your leadership skills and approaches to meet the needs of a changing
educational landscape in light of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.
As School Improvement Provider of the Year, TT Education are perfectly placed to keep
you informed about the very latest thinking from Ofsted, including what the new inspection
framework means for your school and for your curriculum. Through activities and
discussion, we will explore the qualities that make an effective leader and how to put
proven school leadership approaches into practice.


  • Learn how leadership models can build capacity and enhance the performance of your team. 
  • Explore how the forthcoming new Ofsted framework will impact the way they evaluate Intent, Implementation and Impact within your curriculum.  
  • Empower your middle leaders and teachers in how to best communicate the overarching vision, values and journey of your school.

DATE:  Wednesday 3rd March 2021
TIME:  9.30 pm - 3.30 pm
COST:  £149.50 half price (to schools in Peterborough and Paragon TSA Executive Member schools) Full price £299.00 




Recently Qualified Teacher Programme (RQT) (3 part programme)

Delivered by Karina Duerden of Hampton Hargate Primary School

This three day programme, designed for recently qualified teachers, is now being offered to teachers in our locality. The certified programme is quality assured by the Teaching Schools Council.

With a focus on reflective practice and a coaching style, the programme is centered around three face to face sessions with associated inter-sessional activities:

  • GREAT TEACHING Becoming an expert practitioner in the classroom through impact, reflection and risk!
  • LEADING LEARNING Taking others with you through inspiration, vision and values.
  • FORGING AHEAD Pathways to further success.

The aim is to further develop effective teaching and learning strategies and styles. There will also be opportunities to shadow teachers in other schools.

Wednesday 24th March 2021  -  9.30am-3.00pm
Wednesday 28th April 2021  -  9.30am-3.00pm
Wednesday 26th May 2021  -  9.30am-3.00pm

COST:  £150.00
VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School, Hargate Way, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough.  PE7 8BZ