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Raising Attainment in Spelling: TT Education

This practical one-day training course puts an emphasis on having fun whilst learning!  Hampton Hargate Primary School is working with TT Education to provide you with a wide variety of achievable ways to engage and inspire children to become independent spellers who take an active part in their own learning.

The training draws on the importance of investigation in the spelling process.  It provides teachers with a wealth of proven ideas, games and approaches for you to use back in your classroom to help children become super spellers and accelerate their attainment.  


  • Ensure children can apply their understanding of spelling to their independent writing.
  • Raise standards through the development of an interactive and engaging programme for the teaching and learning of spellings.
  • Learn how to engage and inspire children to become confident and independent spellers and proof readers.

DATE:  Wednesday 23rd September 2020
TIME:   9.30 am - 3.00 pm
COST:   £132.50 half price Ts&Cs (Half price to school in Peterborough and Paragon TSA Executive Member schools.) 


Dyslexia - How to Create a Dyslexia Friendly Classroom: 
Dr Joanna Stanbridge


Delivered by Dr Joanna Stanbridge (Senior Education Psychologist for Cognition and Learning)

This  twilight session will provide an overview of 'How to Create a Dyslexia Friendly Classroom.'  You will leave with an understanding of what problems dyslexic learners encounter in a classroom environment and what considerations need to be given when designing your learning spaces.  

DATE:  Wednesday 18th November 2020
TIME:  4.00 pm - 5.30 pm
VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ

Opening Doors to Famous Poetry & Prose: Practical approaches for a richer English curriculum
Claire Gadsby


Delivered by Claire Gadsby

Open to all teachers and NQT/NQT+1

Discover a range of practical, engaging ideas designed to raise standards through deepening subject knowledge in English.  Learn how to encourage reading for pleasure whilst also equipping pupils to deal with challenging texts in a test culture.  This course will also include opportunities to review curriculum mapping. 

DATE:  Wednesday 30th June 2021
TIME:  9.30 am - 3.00 pm
COST:  £130.00
VENUE: Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ

English in the EYFS (for NQT/NQT+RQTs/TAs/Teachers new to EYFS)

This course will provide delegates with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the EYFS Statutory requirements for Literacy, underpinned by the requirements for Communication and Language.  In addition to exploring key concepts and skills, delegates will consider implications for learning environments, resources and adult support.  The course will be delivered over 2 half days and 1 twilight follow up session.

As a result of attending this course, delegates will have developed their understanding of:

  • The statutory EYFS requirements for Communication & Language and Literacy;
  • The development of early reading and writing skills;
  • Key elements and strategies for practice;
  • The role of the adult in supporting and inspiring young children on their journey to becoming readers and writers

All delegates must bring a copy of:

  • EYFS Statutory Framework
  • EYFS Development Matters
  • EYFS Profile Exemplification materials for Communication & Language and Literacy
  • Revised EYFS Statutory Framework and Development Matters 2020

cancelled due to financial viability

COST:  £155.00

VENUE:  Online

Raising Attainment and Greater Depth in English


This one-day bespoke CPD course is packed full of games and approaches that will help
children generate ideas for writing, improve reading comprehension, and improve their
vocabulary. Together, we will explore how you can support pupils in developing a love of
reading and writing, building successful strategies and successfully responding to SATsstyle
Additionally, there will be a focus on moving children from dependence to greater
independence, exploring how to challenge your children in order to enable them to apply
their intertwined reading and writing skills across the curriculum.


  • Give teachers a deeper understanding of what greater depth should look like across all year groups.
  •  Find out how to build more opportunities in your teaching to develop reading comprehension skills. 
  • Discover dozens of exciting and engaging activities to support and embed the high quality teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation through your daily English lessons.

DATE:  Wednesday 14th April 2021
TIME:  9.30 am - 3.30 pm
COST:  £132.50 half price - Ts&Cs: Peterborough Schools and Paragon partners


Dyslexia - How to Support Reading with Dyslexia: 
Dr Joanna Stanbridge & Louise Walter


Delivered by Dr Joanna Stanbridge  and Louise Walter (Senior Education Psychologist for Cognition and Learning)


This  twilight session will provide an overview of 'How to Support Reading with Dyslexia.'  You will leave with a basic understanding of how to support the dyslexic reader reach their full potential.

DATE:  NEW DATE 29.04.21
TIME:  4.00 pm - 5.30 pm
COST:  £20.00
VENUE:  Hampton Hargate Primary School.  PE7 8BZ