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Paragon Alliance

Paragon Alliance

2020 - 2021



"Training will be given to staff so that all classrooms can be dyslexia friendly."  

"Ways to help within a classroom for all children but especially those with literacy difficulties."

"The trainer was upbeat and her delivery was lively and engaging. I have to say it is the best training I have attended in this new ‘virtual’ world we are living in. Thank you very much!"

"A positive approach and I now feel that my practice is already quite good. It is just nice to gain a deeper understanding and pick up effective strategies and techniques."

"Continue being positive, kind and giving children the time they need. Keeping displays simple!"



"Confidence that we are on the way to doing the correct things with regard to E-Safety."
"Knowledge that there is lots to be done to be ready for a deep dive into computing."
"Very informative, especially helped to reflect on where our weaknesses and strengths are in our school."

"This is the finest teaching course I have attended during my teaching. The course leader was extremely knowledgeable in her subject area and shared excellent ideas for us to implement in the classroom as well as share with other staff members."



"Thank you for everything, the course was extremely useful and was delivered brilliantly! The use of the pictures in my notes will really help me remember the different strategies. I was very apprehensive of doing a full day course over zoom but it was really successful. The use of breakout groups was particularly beneficial and it’s nice to know other teacher’s perspectives as we don’t really get the chance to see what other people are doing and how they are handling the situation. I was afraid that we were going to be spoken at for the whole day but it was really really good."

"Claire’s course was incredibly interactive and engaging and really really helped!​​​​​​​"

"The different strategies could be universally applied to the majority of lessons to improve them which will really help when delivering lessons. The strategies that were discussed will really impact the way I teach vocabulary and it will benefit my class considering there is a very high EAL percentage."

"It was so helpful and engaging. I felt like we were all included and I felt open to sharing ideas. Thank you so much for all the great ideas!​​​​​​​"

"I really liked the golden ticket idea and the snowball idea. I love the way Claire gave us lots of ideas to try out in our classroom."

"I loved hearing all the different strategies that teachers have, would love to hear more on them if we had more time​​​​​​​."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my course today and have made lots of useful notes and am taking away lots of ideas to make my classroom full of conversation and engaging learning."

"Personally, all of the strategies discussed today could have a positive impact on my teaching. I also really like the idea of the golden tickets. I am excited to try out the strategies given today as I feel like they will help to engage my children in a covid classroom."

"Definitely the ideas for getting maximum engagement and achievement out of lessons. I have lots of relevant and exciting strategies to use now."

"Due to the current situation and change of routine, hands-on, practical activities which gets students thinking and challenged will be beneficial for their wellbeing and understanding of the topic in question.​​​​​​​"​​​​​​​

PLTA - Developing Effective Assessment in Writing

"I feel inspired to teach older children."
"This will assist in AR/strategy delivery and an approach for creative writing."
"Encourage children's writing in terms of using modelling as a goal."
"Think aloud during teacher model.  The importance of this and showing thought process."
"Excellent trainer."
"Modelling: how to do it, best techniques."
"Improved writing in class and increased confidence, both the children and myself."
"Excellent, informative and approachable."
"Being more confident about effective modelling."

2019 - 2020



"Best First Aid course I have done for 10 years."

"The videos and online day work because I could stop and start the videos, make notes and replay." 

"Presentation very clear and I felt I understood more this time than ever."



CLAIRE GADSBY - Dynamically Different Classrooms

"I've had so many ideas that I will take and apply to my classroom."
" I think this will give me methods to make my class considerably more engaged in the various subjects I teach."
"A very knowledgeable trainer with lots of tips relevant 


CLAIRE GADSBY - Demonstrating Pupil Progress

"Positive and productive - free up my time to inform planning more efficiently/effectively."
"Improving and incorporating children's long-term memory."
"A lot of new, engaging and interesting activities to try out with my class and around school."
"Massive impact! Having activities and strategies in my head to use at any point that I know will work and support me."
"Amazing.  The session was practical and informative with lots of simple and amazing ideas."
"Improve understanding of progress and quick ways to adapt learning/react to progress/needs."
"She was fab!"
"Ideas to make the classroom more immersive for learning."


TT EDUCATION - Achieving Greater Depth in Maths

"Very informative and practical. An engaging session with lots of ideas to take back to school."
"Really informative. Gave me lots of things I wanted to try in my class."
"Great practical involvement.  Interesting research shared.  Delivered enthusiastically and confidently."
"Informative, engaging and interesting. Very helpful for top set children in Year 6."


PLTA - Maths in EYFS

"Still two more sessions.  Great so far!"
"Very helpful and relevant - Approachable and understanding."


TT EDUCATION - Greater Depth in English

"Lots of examples to use in practice.  Atmosphere was friendly.  Overall experience was positive."
"Games for vocabulary and deeper thinking were so useful."
"My own thinking developed and I feel like I can challenge and progress my children's writing further."
"Lots of practical ideas to use immediately."
"Great activities that are ready to go and can be adapted.  Presenter was very knowledgeable."
"Excellent ideas to ignite writing."


PLTA - Literacy in the EYFS

"Great, enthusiastic, knowledgeable trainer - highly recommend."
"Fantastic - really good - well resourced."
" I feel very inspired and eager to try these new things with my children."


TT Education - The New Ofsted Inspection Framework

"Lots of useful information with areas to take back to SLT.  Preparedness is the key and something I will be practising before the next visit."
"Lots to take in, very informative and focused.  Given me clear ideas for moving forward."
"Very thorough and appropriate pitch.  Really useful to have such wide coverage."
"The small group size enabled all questions to be discussed as we went along."


MathsHub - Calculate, Don't Count (for Maths Leaders)

"Learning about subitising and how it can be implemented in daily practice."
"Great ideas to develop understanding and how to link across year groups."
"Counting principles and subitising: thinking of the varied ways in which we can approach these topics."

"Demonstrations using NCETM spine was fantastic - visual and graduation of progress. "
"Exploring structure and constant difference proved most useful."
"The precise use of language for subtraction and three structures:  Minuend and Subtrahend equals Difference."
"Staff meetings are planned for Spring Term.  Release time has been added to that I can adapt long term plans/calculation policy."


PLTA - Affective Assessment for Learning - NQTs


"The training will support my understanding of constructing a Learning Objective."
"Very engaging and practical."
"Focus on skill being transferred rather than the activity."
"Brilliant course, relevant to all year groups."
"Start the lesson by gaining the children's attention."


" Very engaging and a nice amount of activities."
" The course is extremely helpful.  I would highly recommend for all NQTs."
" The importance of re-shaping questions to develop pupils' critical thinking and understanding."
"Phone a friend!  Encouraging children to ask each other and respond to other's questions."


"Helpful information on constructing success criteria. Brilliant course!"
"Success criteria are the steps to achieve the objective in a lesson/period of lessons."
"Lots of strategies to try and keep implementing."


TT Education - Creating a Broad and Balanced Curriculum

"I will take so much from this training.  There are a lot of questions for considering our curriculum but a greater focus for the direction we might go in."
"Change nothing - incredible training.  Time flew by! Easy to listen to."
" Updated information on Ofsted."
"Demonstrated the importance of curriculum drivers, knowledge and skills and the importance of both of these."
"Review and revise the curriculum."
"This has been useful already!"
"More involvement in creating school curriculum."
"Will be able to look at assessment closely."
"Excellent training/trainer!"


Gaynor Mansell - NQTs Safeguarding

"This training gave me a more rounded understanding of my responsibilities and best practice around safeguarding."
"I now how confidence to spot a concern and log it correctly."
"I need to be aware of flagging concerns and understand the importance of getting to know the children in my class.


2018 - 2019

Jane Banham - Science

"Excellent presentation - I feel more motivated."
"Great ideas to incorporate in school - particularly vocabulary games."

"Will be able to look at assessment closely."
"Excellent training/trainer!"

Maths Hub - Peterborough Reasoning Group 

"Opportunities to share all resources/training/powerpoints with staff."
"It's been wonderful to work with Katie - she has so much knowledge and Maths passion."
"Whole course has been very useful and excellent."
"Clearer structure."
"Really enjoyed it."
"The training has had a whole school impact."
" Vocabulary and practical ways of teaching geometry."
"Share with staff an move maths forward in school."
"Very well delivered and personal."
"New approaches to the teaching of geometry."
"Improve and develop our whole school approach to key concepts."

Maths Hub - SEND and Maths

"Maths needs to be fun and enticing for SEN children - we need to teach all children at their level."
"Introduction to new games and language of mathematical terms are most useful."
" Implementing games during a lesson to break up learning and to maintain interest."
"Practical aspects of Maths Games, making it fun and accessible."
"Different resources that will aid the children's learning."
"Pedagogy adjustments were most useful."
"Lots of practical ideas that could be tried in the classroom.  I loved the practical approach.  Good hints and tips.  Very clear and positive delivery."
"Effective use of Numicon."
"Chance to talk to specialists and other practitioners: ideas, resources and a chance to try activities."
"It's so useful to come to a course and have something to take away:  one number a week!  Trainer had so much knowledge!"


Claire Gadsby - NQT Demonstrating Pupil Progress

"So many amazing strategies."
"This course has been amazing - Thank You!"
"Lots of different strategies to use and try in class and share with others."
"Most helpful course I have been on with so many strategies to use."
"Incredibly informative."
"Many different strategies to implement in everyday teaching."
"Claire is fantastic.  The ideas are realistic and enjoyable - the children love them."


TT Education - Writing Moderation

"It was so useful to gain tips and ideas to aid writing moderation across the school."
" Trainer adapted presentation to meet the needs of the group."
"Progression of skills books is very useful."
"Using texts to support writing - writing for a purpose."

TT Education - Analyse School Performance

"Careful analysis across three years period as well as current year data."
"A higher degree of understanding of what to look for with data."
"More targeted support for year groups."


Peterborough LA - NQT Safeguarding

"Confidence to tackle Safeguarding issues."
"Dealing with awkward conversations."
"Very good session, very engaging and good that it was interactive with lots of discussion."
"Confidence in reporting and dealing with disclosures."


PLTA - NQT Assessment for Learning  

"Informative, great range of strategies."
"Better use of assessment in class and relevant ideas to use."
"Pupils taking more ownership over learning."
"Helped to develop my questioning and further develop children's understanding."
"Good questioning ideas for my guided reading session."
"The use in the class of the learning objective and including the children more in this process."


2017 - 2018

Fire Safety Seminar 

"Real life examples that are applicable to our work environment.  Reaffirms that Fire Safety is a daily concern not just a monthly or yearly tick box exercise."
"Great presenter and approachable with specific questions."


Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT) training

"Clear, enthusiastic, honest!  Felt we could share our own experiences and get advice."
" Habit 4:  Think Win:Win - stop being competitive and use others' talents"
" A deeper understanding of how to keep being effective in a classroom."
" Confidence to give children more ownership of their learning."
"Strategies to deal with difficult conversations."
"Put into practice and overcome obstacles."


TT Education - Creative Outdoor Learning

"We hope to develop more varied learning opportunities in the outdoor area possibly by working together more across the key stage. To collect resource boxes that can be used during outdoor play and train TAs on supporting children in the outdoor area. More free flow play during the day"
"More practical ideas- especially around organisation, timetabling and tidying of resources!"


TT Education - Outstanding Foundation Stage Practice 

"Stimulating ideas and questions have helped me to reflect on my practice and inspired me to fine tune aspects of our provision on our journey for excellence."
"Great course - makes you think - some really good ideas!"
"Looking at leadership skills/working in a shared vision, developing outdoor area/plan."
"An engaging speaker who knew the area well.  Lots of ideas to implement in September and get started with tomorrow!"


Claire Gadsby - Reclaim Your Weekends

"Strategies which will ultimately improve my marking and time management."
"Stress levels over assessment will be lower."
"Quick, engaging ideas, not needing to over plan or over resource."
"Colour coded marking."
"Children will be more involved in their own feedback and next steps."


Claire Gadsby - Irresistible Writing

"Great strategies to engage pupils to become aspiring writers."
"Thank you for delivering such a topical, practical, engaging day."
"I will implement all of the fantastic ideas presented to me on this course."
"Short, snappy, relevant lesson ideas."


Claire Gadsby - Powerful Pedagogies

"Adapt to my SEND class.  Lots of strategies can be changed.  Link memory walks to objects of reference."
"Practical and inspiring activities helped put the ideas into real life."
"I feel excited with teaching a class who seem disengaged.  It will help me to hear what they would like to learn and how they would like to learn."
" Someone who knows what works in the classroom."