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Developing English Teaching:  A Introduction for NQTs/NQT + 1 in KS1 & KS2

Delivered by Andy Hawes of Peterborough Learning & Teaching Associates (PLTA)


To enhance NQTs’ understanding of key teaching strategies for reading and writing.


NQTs will:

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of inference as a reading strategy;
  • Understand how to structure reading units so that all pupils learn effectively;
  • Develop their understanding of how to lead an effective guided reading session
  • Develop their understanding of reading comprehension and explore a range of strategies for teaching it effectively;
  • Develop their understanding of key strategies for the teaching of writing. This will include:
    • Effective use of model texts (WAGOLL), focusing on generic writing skills at text, sentence and word level;
    • Understanding how teacher modelling and scribing work and how to use both strategies effectively.
  • Develop their understanding of strategies for the teaching of spelling.


This multi-session CPD package will support NQTs in developing their understanding of some of the key aspects of the English curriculum in KS1 and KS2.  The focus will be based around those aspects that many consider to be ‘hard to teach, hard to learn’, such as inference and comprehension in reading and how to develop generic writing skills in pupils of all ages.  In response to evaluations from previous courses, NQTs will also explore how to teach an effective guided reading group and how to organise their reading curriculum so that pupils can learn, practice and apply key reading skills and strategies.

All sessions are a half day and will be based around theory and research-based evidence, but will include plentiful opportunities for practical exploration and strategies that NQTs can apply in their classrooms the very next day.

Session 1: Reading part 1

  • Organising an effective guided reading curriculum to maximise learning:
    • Building reading power by developing learning journeys in reading.
  • Introduction to Inference:
    • What is inference and what does it involve as a reader?
    • Introducing inference through pictures, film clips and texts;
    • Inference at the point of reading – modelling inference with pupils.
  • Questioning and reading:
    • Pupils asking questions of a text;
    • Alternatives to standard questions – enhancing comprehension.
  • Understanding the importance of fluency and vocabulary in reading:
    • Fluent vs non-fluent readers – characteristics;
    • Strategies for tackling non-fluency;
    • Beck’s 3 tiers of vocabulary;
    • Strategies for explicitly teaching vocabulary.

Session 2: Writing

  • The importance of model texts within the teaching of writing (linked to the AfL module)
  • Developing ‘text immersion’ activities sop that pupils are able to explain, reason, hypothesise and generalise about model texts and how they work;
  • Teaching sentence-structure, grammar and vocabulary through the texts;
  • Exploring strategies for effective shared writing:
    • Modelling/demonstration;
    • Scribing
    • Supported Composition

Session 3: Reading part 2 and Spelling

  • How to teach an effective guided reading group;
    • Rationale for guided learning;
    • Understanding the guided learning sequence;
    • Practical exploration of a guided reading session:
      • ‘Big question’ approach;
      • Questioning and talk in guided learning;
      • Modelling of the guided learning sequence and its impact on pupils’ learning.
  • Word families – root words, prefixes and suffixes;
  • Strategies for teaching spelling through practical investigation.

Twilight Sessions 1, 2 and 3:

  • An opportunity for delegates to bring examples of work they have undertaken following sessions 1 & 2 in order to share and discuss impact on learning;
  • An opportunity to ask further questions to clarify points or address misconceptions or issues that have arisen in class.

Session 1:  13 November 2018 > 1.15pm - 4.30pm
Twilight 1:  11 December 2018 > 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Session 2:  17 January 2018 > 1.15pm - 4.30pm
Twilight 2:  13 February 2018 > 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Session 3:  5 March 2018 > 1.15pm - 4.30pm
Twilight 3:  28 March 2018 > 4.00pm - 5.30pm

£180.00 per person for all 6 sessions - only £30.00 per session

Hampton Hargate Primary School, Hargate Way, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough.

Please click on the document below if you would like a downloadable flyer.