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Paragon Alliance

Paragon Alliance

(formerly SLE Network Meetings)


Our new format Curriculum Meetings held in November were a great success!  Our thanks go out to all of our SLEs


"Excellent!  Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot."
"I will be able to share this training in Staff Meetings and TA  KS1 training."
"A range of representations to use in KS1."


"Lovely professional dialogue - wouldn't change anything."
"The impact over the next academic year will be much clearer."


"Gained good ideas for assessment/skills progression." 
"Progression of skills will be embedded."
"Will need to draw up a progression of skills."


" Things to think about to use strategies for children that haven't een used before."
" Helpful techniques to pass on."
" if used as a whole school, a lot of impact could be seen."
"Great!  Loads of different strategies to try."
"Greater understanding of dyslexia methods."
"Better awareness of dyslexia and identification."
"Very helpful.  Reinforced some of my knowledge and added lots too."



"Lots of websites to support.  Understanding requirement/expectations of a geography lead.."
"Good to see how geography is mapped and monitored across the school."
"Understanding how to have a clear overview of your subject and what is happening."
"Good ideas on how to make an impact/support staff."
"It was good for everyone to meet and see where we are.  We had common areas to work and were able to work out our next steps."
"A well spent one and a half hours! Thank you."
"Ideas of monitoring.  A deeper understanding where Geography is at our school."



"I will talk to my headteacher about presentation of work/displays/what we do."
"Very informative and helpful."
Having a good understanding of 'deep dive.' "
"This will help support set up of our new curriculum."
"Lots of hints, tips and ideas to consider when teaching the History curriculum... and how to be ofsted ready!"
"As a trainee teacher, I found it all very useful.  The training was very relevant and current."


"More ideas to add to school teaching."
"Ideas for supporting teachers across the school to teach music effectively."
"Interesting and well delivered."
"Good discussion about child ownership."
"Colleagues sharing their recent experiences."


"More confidence in teaching PE."
"Tips on keeping children active - starting daily mile.  Different strategies to try."
"Positive impact on Sports Premium allocation."
"Improve the assessment of PE at our school."

RESEARCH INFORMED CLASSROOMS from Rebecca Pentney on East Cambs Research School

"Share research with colleagues."
"Deeper understanding of the process of change."
"Lots of information to pass onto leadership team."
"Good resources provided to further reading."